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Integrate Augmented Reality and 3D product representations within minutes. Start increasing your sales with innovative visualizations today.

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Augmented Reality and 3D will improve your most important KPIs

Do you love data-driven results? We do, too. That’s why we keep track of our customers’ most important KPIs. 
With 3D and Augmented Reality, our customers benefit on average from:


more conversions


less returns


longer session duration


increase in interactions

Read where these numbers come from

Convert your customers on any device and with any browser

With our viewer, you can give your customers the best product visualizations possible. The viewer works on any device and in any browser without installing plugins or apps.

Show your products where they matter the most: In your customer's homes.

More than 60% of customers prefer to buy from sites with Augmented Reality experiences. Merge your shopping experience with your customers environment by showing your true sized products in their homes. With web based Augmented Reality shoppers to see the products in AR directly out of their browsers. 

Customize, manage and analyze
your visualizations - all in one place.

Use the tools in our platform to manage your products, analyze data and optimize your 3D and Augmented Reality product representations autonomously. As a result, your customers will experience continous improved visualizations.  

Screenshot VRxs Editor for 3D and Augmented Reality

Enjoy code-less adaptions of your 3D visualizations

With our visual editor, you can customize your 3D and Augmented Reality scene easily.


Integrate your visualizations easily and control access to your models

3D and AR will work with any shop system. Integrate visualizations with our extensions, via iframe copy+paste or simply share a link.


Share models with your retailers and partners worldwide

Offer your visualizations to all your retailers, partners and agencies worldwide.

Build better relationships with your customers with the most powerful analytics.

With our intelligent viewer analytics, you can see what your customers are into. This enables you to see how 3D and Augmented Reality affects your customers choices in detail. 

Traffic analytics

Model Interactions

Session duration

...and many more

... ... ...

You’re in good company

VRxs helped eCommerce businesses in different industries to boost sales, gain awareness and position as an innovative brand.

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How to get started with Augmented Reality and 3D

Start within minutes and enable your customers to access interactive product visualizations with the VRxs platform.


Sign up for free

Sign up at our platform for free. Try out Augmented Reality and 3D visualizations in your shop.


Upload your models

Upload or select your models in seconds and customize the scenes with our visual editor.


Integrate visualizations

Integrate your visualizations and benefit from interactive experiences. And most importantly: Keep track of your success on our dashboard.

No 3D models yet?
Let us handle the creation.

You have a business to run. Stop worring about content creation. Our ecosystem and partner agencies help to build and prepare models for interactive product visualizations at a high scale.

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